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Welcome to Community Fit Physical Therapy Clinic 

and Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Early intervention can help prevent lifelong chronic pain. Early intervention is critical to a speedy recovery. Research has proven that people who seek therapy early after an injury have shorter recovery periods and are 8 times less likely to develop chronic pain. Community Fit Physical Therapy Clinic & Sports Injury Rehabilitation can help you feel your best. Schedule your no-obligation appointment today using the button above, or give us a call and put Community Fit Physical Therapy Clinic & Sports Injury Rehabilitation full spectrum of advanced rehabilitation services to work for you.

When you choose Community Fit Physical Therapy Clinic & Sports Injury Rehabilitation, you will find experienced staff who work together to ensure optimal care for your painful injury. Located at 5265, 45th Street, Lacombe, Alberta, we recognize the differences in shapes, sizes, strengths and degrees of injury amongst all of our patients and designs sensible rehabilitation programs that help our patients reach their personal rehabilitation goals. Whether it is pain relief or recovery from an injury, we will provide therapy options that can help you play an active role in achieving your goals. Within our rehab clinic we work together as a team with all clinicians in constant communication with each other. This ensures that each patient receives the most effective treatment possible. We successfully treat many conditions and injuries through a variety of effective therapy options. Our main goal is to rehabilitate patients to pre-injury physical activity levels and functional abilities. This means treatment will address common sport injuries, pain, stiffness, muscle weakness, joint flexibility and movement, and post-surgery recovery.

Our Services


➢WCB Authorized Service Provider for Work Injuries

➢MVA Injuries (Auto Accident Injuries)

➢Sport Injuries & Kinesio Taping

➢Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Knee, Ankle & Foot Sprain/Strain Related Injures and Post-Operative Rehabilitation)

➢Spinal Conditions (Neck, Upper & Lower Back Strain Related Injuries, Arthritis and Disc Compression)


➢Graded Manual Mobilization (Neck, Upper & Lower Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand, Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot Conditions)

➢IMS (Intra-Muscular Stimulation) and Dry Needling

➢Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Musculo-Skeletal Conditions

➢Laser Therapy

➢Spinal Decompression

➢Myofacial Trigger Point Release / Active Release Techniques using Graston's Physical Therapy Procedure Tools

➢Limited Referral Services for Diagnostic Imagine If Needed


DIRECT BILLING to most of the insurance companies. Details can be inquired from our receptionist.

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