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Here at Community Fit Physio, we provide you with the following services.

WCB Claim Injury

If you have been injured at work, it's your right to report it. Tell your employer the details about your injury. Your employer will notify WCB about your injury if the treatment required is anything beyond first aid or if you missed time from work. It is also important you submit your report of injury to WCB.

You can report your injury either online or by fax. Reporting online is the fastest and easiest way to report your injury.

Electronic injury reporting is a quick, online way for you to report your injury to WCB. The system will guide you through the reporting process and provide online help along the way.

It's your right to report a workplace injury.

If you feel like you've been pressured not to report your injury, let us know by completing our confidential form.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation 

You work hard, you play hard and your body deserves the best. Community Fit Physical Therapy and Sports Injury Rehabilitation will provide you the quality care you need to recover quickly and get back to your optimal performance.

Our assessments and treatments are comprehensive, multi-faceted, and focused upon your needs as an athlete. We will work with you to achieve your top level of function in a safe and timely manner. Our facilities offer state-of-the-art treatment and fitness equipment in an open, clean setting.

Our team is your team. Our focus is on you as an athlete and individual. We will provide a prompt and accurate injury diagnosis, with a customized plan that begins immediately.

Our goal is to get you back to your personal best. You may be sidelined, but you’re not out of the game.

Motor Vehicle Accident 

(MVA) Rehabilitation

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you know it can be very stressful and take a significant toll on your life and overall health. Whether you’ve been involved in a minor fender bender or have sustained serious injuries, our team of healthcare experts has the knowledge and know how to help you lay the foundation for your recovery and help you get back to your normal daily routine. 

We ensure that we take into all accounts of your health including physical, psychological and the impact it has on your daily activities. If you or your family and friends have been involved in a car accident, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be working with you to make sure that your recovery is quick and will also give you exercises and stretches to prevent your pain from coming back. 

Along with helping you with your physical symptoms and injuries, we will be working with you to making dealing with the insurance as easy as possible. 


Electrotherapy is the usage of electrical energy for the treatment of injuries such as the spinal cord injury, chronic muscular pain conditions and other injuries. 

Physiotherapists use electrotherapy to lower the pain by using stimulation that causes muscles to contract. Mainly physiotherapists benefit the use of electrotherapy by exercising to strengthen and heal the muscles, reduce pain,  build up on our range of motion and regenerate the muscles and tissues in our body. 

The devices of electrotherapy offers various therapeutic waveforms, whereas the stimulation device consists of electrodes that's attached to the treatment area and when the device is activated, the electrical energy in the device causes the muscles to contract. This type of contraction is imitating our body's natural movement during any physical activity and prevents muscular atrophy. The most common devices that are used in electrotherapy are:

           1. Transcutaneous Electrical Neural 

Stimulator (TENS)

           2. Russian Current

           3. Interferential Current (IFC)

           4. ​Promogulated Current (Premog)

           5. Biphasic Current 

           6. High Voltage 

           7. Microcurrent

Intramuscular Stimulation/Dry Needling

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain syndromes caused by neuropathy. Neuropathy is described as a nerve that is not functioning properly but has normal structure.

The treatment, which utilizes acupuncture needles, specifically targets the muscles that have contracted and become shortened. These shortened muscles compress and irritate the nerves. Through needling, the super-sensitive areas can be desensitized and the persistent pull and compression of shortened muscles can be released.

IMS relies heavily on a thorough physical examination of the patient by a physiotherapist who is trained to recognize the physical signs of neuropathic pain. This physical examination is indispensable since chronic pain is often neurological as opposed to structural. It is therefore invisible to X-rays, MRI tests, Bone and CT scans.

The treatment involves dry needling of affected areas of the body without injecting any substance. The needle sites can be at the epicenter of taut, tender muscle bands, or they can be near the spine where the nerve root may have become irritated and super-sensitive. Needle penetration of a normal muscle is painless. In contrast a shortened, super-sensitive muscle will 'grasp' the needle in what can best be described as a cramping sensation.

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